Fabulous fall weekend

Before my cold got utterly out of control, I had an awesome weekend in NH visiting with family and enjoying all the cheesiness that the granite state has to offer.  Here’s my weekend in photos – not pictured is my lovely family, the amazing food my aunts cooked, our fun trips to the store (including ordering an iPhone!), and the bajillion cups of tea I drank.

Awesome vintage books at the library book sale

At the lake house. Not pictured: the 26 family members laughing in the house.

Spiritsong drummers at the pumpkin festival featuring my mom and some enthusiastic fans

A lesson from the girl scout camp that might be the site of an upcoming family wedding – stay tuned!

Goffstown Pumpkin Regatta – more on this later!







Weekend victories

The highlight reel:

  1. Finished the Tory Row 5K  with mom in less time than we predicted – AND not being last!!!
  2. Got all my herbs and tomato plants into the ground before brunch
  3. Snagged the last three seats at brunch at Highland Kitchen (beignets = best recovery food ever!)
  4. Went on a shopping spree with Katie and bought everything we ever needed, and very few things we didn’t (that hat was too good to pass up)
  5. Finally used my Christmas bonus to buy myself an awesome new camera – expect to see lots more pics soon!
  6. Explored new shops in Harvard with Beth despite the rain
  7. … and still snuck in a two hour nap in our newly-cleaned living room

Now THAT’s what I call a weekend!

Another weekend in paradise

Because let’s face it, any day in Boston where it isn’t snowing is pretty darn great.

My weekend can only be expressed in pictures.  Luckily, I had my camera at the ready (for everything except the food, that is.  But let me say, the California Pizza Kitchen has some all-star appetizers and any brunch that starts with beignets is a winner).

World Pillow Fight Day 2011 in Cambridge

A Blue Man and a happy fan

Sanding my new salvaged dresser

Here’s to spring, a new season of cheap adventures, working outdoors, and longer days for fun.

How to mix up a perfect weekend

  1. Start with a full night of sleep.
  2. Throw in a sunny morning run, and cool down with brunch eaten while watching home improvement shows on HGTV.
  3. After a brief tidying session around the home, bundle up and explore the neighborhood while keeping an eye out for seasonal festivities.
  4. Add a dash of adventure by going down a new side street or checking out a store you usually just pass by.
  5. Stir well with the massive crowds who are out holiday shopping.
  6. Let this combination sit for three hours with best friends in a warm kitchen full of the scent of banana chocolate chip bread and the sound of game timers.
  7. Bundle up again and set out with your paramour for a wintery evening out.
  8. Rinse and repeat.

Did I miss anything?  How do you define a perfect weekend?