A Royal Wedding Haiku

Just some final words before the ceremony commences:

I thought Queen Sally
had a nice ring to it.
I’d be the first one.

I already have
my own sweet tiara too.
(Thanks, Grandma! Love it!)

Not one for younger
brothers.  So the dream ends here.
Goodbye, fair England!

Someday I’ll meet Kate.
And when we shake hands, I’ll be
“Madame President.”

That sounds better anyway.

Music Monday: Royal Romance

This hilarious and catchy gem comes courtesy of my MoHo friend Sarah, whose love for the royal family has reached an all-time peak on her blog.  I’ve loved following along with her latest William & Kate (soon to be Catherine) updates and trivia.  Thanks to her, I know that Kate’s face has been spotted on a jellybean, William does not plan to wear a wedding ring, and there are actually people out there who are more obsessed with this occasion than Sarah.

For the record, we’re at 11 days and counting.  I can’t wait to see what happens when Sarah actually gets to London! Watch out, England!