So far, so good!

Yes, it has only been eight days since 2010 ended.  But I am working on the resolutions I listed here and it’s hard, but I’m doing it!

It turns out that eating without distractions is the hardest of all.  I am so used to eating alone when I eat at home, and sitting on the couch doing it, that I have to really force myself to eat at the table.  But I can already feel the results:

  1. I’m eating better food!  Because I’m staying in the kitchen, I am putting more thought into what I am cooking and taking more time to do so.  I have cooked up delicious new concoctions because of this new focus.
  2. I’m eating less.  This was the goal, overall, but it’s cool that it’s working because I am paying better attention to my hunger.  It’s funny because it’s easier than ever for me to take a second portion, but I am much less likely to actually do so.

How are your resolutions going?


Welcome, 2011.  I hope we will have a happy and fruitful 365 days ahead of us.  I expect you to do everything you can to contribute to a year that makes me healthy, wealthy, and wise.  For my part, I will do the following:

  1. Move more – even if it’s walking to Charles MGH for the train when I could just get on at Park St, or going for a long run on Sunday mornings, I’ve got to get moving.
  2. Reconsider nutrition – I was talking to my Mom over Christmas and realized that my typical weekly fruit and veggie intake is two servings. No wonder I have no energy!  More veggies and fruit and less of everything else in 2011 please.
  3. Savor the moment, and the meal. – I need to cut down on multitasking.  At the end of the day, my mind is still going a mile a minute, partly because of the number of windows I have open on my computers all day and partly because I just never take the time to center, focus, and be in the moment anymore.  Also, this article made me rethink distracted eating – our dining table is getting cleaned off tonight and I’m vowing to spend more time there and less in the living room this year.
  4. Have no regrets – I took a hard hit last month when one of my campers passed away, and I felt like I hadn’t done enough to help her.  I want to spend this year taking time for people I love, and spreading happiness in a way that will make me feel like I gave life my all, no matter the individual outcome.
  5. Try something new – and I don’t mean calamari.  I mean something that totally stretches my limits.  Maybe kickboxing or auditioning to be in a band, or crossing something serious off my five year plan.  I hope to find something relatively nutso that I can be proud of – or at least laugh about – at the end of the year.

I love my lists, but like everyone, I need to be held to my promises.  So friends, please ask me in three days, five weeks, or seven months how I’m doing with these goals.  And share you’re own – I’ll help you stick to them as well!