Things I love right now

January went by in a blink (as did winter as a whole) but I don’t mind – life is good in Beantown!  Here’s what’s making me happy these days:

  1. Fun new ways to be active – from adventures at a trampoline park last week to morning yoga today and plans to work with the AMC and my friend Annie to tap 200 maple trees this weekend, I am loving all the great ways to have fun and get moving.  I’m always looking for more – let me know if you have ideas!
  2. The fact that I don’t have to watch the Superbowl to see the commercials this yearbecause they’re all already online!
  3. Getting angry about things that count – this might sound counter intuitive, but being pissed off about stuff that matters makes me feel alive.  From girl scout cookie scandals (more on that later) to fighting back against Komen’s backhanded slap to Planned Parenthood to standing up to MHC’s weird Facebook post that questioned if women could excel in math (yes, really), being vocal for issues I care about makes my days worthwhile.
  4. Awesome tech ideas, like Doodle’s new “Unplugged” feature.
  5. Great conversations with smart people – at the MWPC, the New Leaders’ Council, in my office, and over the internet (hi Matt and Anju!).
  6. New books.  Next up – Maine and Half the Sky.  You know where I’ll be this weekend when not out in the woods with my sap-covered drill…

Not on the life is good list: Taxes.  Not. happy. about. that.

What’s making your day/week/month/2012 happy?