Music Monday: C’mon let your colors burst

I willingly lost my voice singing along to this song at the lovely Katie’s birthday party this weekend (YAY!).  It is impossible to sing “Firework” without passion, and the kids at PS 22 do it justice in this department.  I know it’s old news, but now that I’ve gotten over the question of “do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” I think I’m ready to have this be one of top jams for summer 2012.

Happy Monday!

Music Monday: Somebody that I used to know

I hear that I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I still had to share.  My coworker showed me this video during our staff retreat this weekend, and it blew me away.  Apparently Ellen later had them on her show and give them more guitars so they wouldn’t have to share anymore.

What great videos have you seen lately?  And which of these people do you want to be?  I love the guy in the middle – so stoic, and then when he starts singing = WHAM.

Music Monday: Heart and Soul

It is impossible to pinpoint the highlight of the weekend I just spent in NYC (Dim sum? Stephie Coplan’s CD release show? Cheesecake at Kate’s diner?) but dancing on the big piano at FAO Schwarz was definitely top 5.  Matt played a lovely version of “Mary had a little lamb” and I rocked away at “Heart and Soul.”  I think that if I had more time, I could totally be as awesome as Tom Hanks in Big.

Have you ever danced on the big piano?  What did you play?

Fun fact: only two have ever been sold, since it goes for a whopping $250,000. Also, we were about 4x as old as anyone else on the piano, and I have never cared less.

Music Monday: Pop-up Party

Nothing brings me back to middle school dances like a pop-up video.  They were how I learned to tell the difference between the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, where I finally understood who this Slim Shady character was, and where I finally got the appeal of popular music.  (I owe most of this to Jen Wall – Jen, if you’re reading, I’m bringing you my future kids to teach them about music some day!)

My education continued with the latest pop-up video from VH1 – Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA,” where I learned:

  • Miley = not really a fan of Jay-Z – he’s too “pop” for her
  • This song was designed to launch Miley’s Wal-Mart clothing line, not to be my summer jam
  • The confetti from this shoot took two weeks to clean up
  • Pop-up videos make everything better.

Check it out here.  What song would you love to see get the pop-up treatment?

Music Monday: I Believe

In case you missed it, the hot new Broadway show this year is/was the Book of Mormon, written by the guys who brought you South Park and Avenue Q.  I’ve only listened to the soundtrack so far, as the show is sold out until the apocalypse of so, last time I checked, but it’s pretty great stuff.  I especially love it as a musical dork because the intro contains lyrics and music that at once remind me of:

  • South Pacific (this could totally be the intro to Balai H’ai)
  • The Sound of Music (the entire opening sequence is ripped from “I have confidence”)
  • Avenue Q (the same over-exaggerated slightly-cartoony sound)
  • Hairspray (undertones of “You can’t stop the beat”, etc)

Some of the other songs are rather offensive, but this one is much safer than most if you accidentally break out singing it at your office.  Not that that’s ever happened or anything.  I also really like the one about Joesph Smith – the “All-American Prophet,” the blond haired blue-eyed voice of God.  (Which sounds exactly like something pulled from “Footloose”.  Oh, Broadway and your non-original but always lovely musical tendencies.)

My favorite – “I believe that God has a plan for all of us; I believe that plan involves getting my own planet.”