Music Monday: Bringing “home” the gold

You know that song you get stuck in your head after watching the American gymnasts at the Olympics?  You can blame Phillip Phillips for that one.  His hit “Home” is apparently the theme of the Fab Five.  I didn’t hear him when he was on – and won – American Idol this year, but this song is definitely catchy.  What do you think?

Music Monday: Call your girlfriend

I’ve loved this song since I saw how silly it made my coworkers’ dance moves, but the mini-artists here make this version fabulous.  They’re s confident and musical, banging on their butter tubs.  I play the guitar because I love to sing along, and you can tell that these gals are in it for the same reason: to have fun.

(Thanks, Lauren, for the recommendation!)

Music Monday: What makes you beautiful

Sorry guys, I was wrong.  Carly Ray Jepsen is out – One Direction is in.  This song was THE theme of summer during my week at camp – we sang it at least 4 times a day and three different kids did it on stage night.  This version comes from Kat, who says it makes her want to be on Broadway, since the cast of Anything Goes is having such a freaking blast here.

Do you love this song?  Sick of it yet?  Somewhere in between?  I’m not fond of the lyrics (what if you DO know you’re beautiful?) but it is fun to sing, overall.

Music Monday: I dreamed a dream

But in my dream, anyone but Anne Hathaway played Fantine.

Still, I can’t help being excited for the Les Mis movie coming out this Christmas.  I propose that us lovely ladies from GHS hop back into our corsets for a midnight viewing – what do you say?  Will you be going to see this rendition of the classic Victor Hugo story?

Music Monday: C’mon let your colors burst

I willingly lost my voice singing along to this song at the lovely Katie’s birthday party this weekend (YAY!).  It is impossible to sing “Firework” without passion, and the kids at PS 22 do it justice in this department.  I know it’s old news, but now that I’ve gotten over the question of “do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” I think I’m ready to have this be one of top jams for summer 2012.

Happy Monday!

Music Monday: Call me maybe?



According to the folks at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, this is the song of the summer.  I can’t say I mind – it’s catchy to the point of getting stuck in my head often.  I also love the idea that these celebs (Justin Beiber/Ashley Tisdale/ Selena Gomez) are just as goofy as the rest of us (… except when they post a video online, it gets 37 million hits).  Still, if it encourages kids to start dancing and be a little silly, that will fit in perfectly with the seriously fun idea of camp.  Bring on the summer!

Music Monday: Somebody that I used to know

I hear that I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I still had to share.  My coworker showed me this video during our staff retreat this weekend, and it blew me away.  Apparently Ellen later had them on her show and give them more guitars so they wouldn’t have to share anymore.

What great videos have you seen lately?  And which of these people do you want to be?  I love the guy in the middle – so stoic, and then when he starts singing = WHAM.

Music Monday: A song for the soul

My dad sent this to me – I dare you to watch and not have shivers run down your spine.  It serves as a good reminder of the power of music, and of the need to not judge people until you actually know – or at least hear – who they really are.  Watch until at least 5:45 for an extra punch to the gut.


ETA: YouTube isn’t playing nice, but you can still click the link to watch the video.