Redefining “great”

In the Gatsby sense, that is.

Apparently Mia Farrow and Robert Redford have worn out their welcome as Gatsby and Daisy in the movie version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel.  This December, none other than Leonardo DiCaprio will take on the iconic role, with Carey Mulligan as his Daisy and Toby Maguire as Nick.

I hate seeing a film great like Redford displaced, but this trailer looks fascinating – Baz Luhrman’s glitz and glam doesn’t seem out of place in the roaring 20’s, and it matches perfectly with the shiny – then tarnished – mystique of the novel.

What do you think?  Will you go see The Great Gatsby this Christmas?  Does your love or hate of the book keep you away?

While you’re waiting, please please please see Midnight in Paris if you haven’t already – best movie I’ve seen in a while, and it will more than satisfy your romantic/literary needs until this film comes out.