Dream big

Welcome to my future home in Park City, Utah!

I know, it doesn’t look like much*, but I think it will fit my family and friends juuuuust right.

I didn’t win in 2010, or 2011, but I can tell that 2012 is my year, and I’ll be moving into** this HGTV Dream Home in a few short months.

You should enter, too!  I wouldn’t mind coming to visit you, if I can’t win myself.  Just save me a place in this guest suite.  You can enter here and here.  Happy clicking!

*This place is freaking amazing.

**And by moving, I mean visiting from Boston before selling it to buy my actual dream home somewhere in New England.

Dresser ta-da(d)!

Remember a million years ago when I started overhauling a dresser I found on the side of the road?  Fast forward seven months of rain, wind, and busy weekends and it was pretty much in the same state that you saw it in back in April.  But then my dad, still enjoying his newfound retirement, stepped in and saved the day by taking the dresser home and giving it the time it deserved.  We used this reno from Young House Love as inspiration, and I love the result.  Behold!



Amazing, right?  The butterfly decals are gone, the original brass handles shine with a new luster, and great bones of this thing are finally visible.  That’s what many rounds of sanding, some nice stain, classy shelf paper, and a dad’s free time can accomplish!  It fits perfectly in my room and isn’t falling apart (unlike the Ikea piece it replaced).  Thanks dad (and belated thanks to the dude at the bike shop who drove this to my house when Laura and I couldn’t fit it in the back of her car!).

Now I just have to think of something for dad to make next!  Dining room table, please?