Adventure is not canceled

I love autumn but this year, more than ever, I am mourning the end of summer. Those long days were perfect for ice cream meet-ups and the shady afternoons made it easy to picnic in the park. We kayaked many feet apart from other and wore our masks for distanced hikes, and went on mini-golf dates, and sat on our porches and patios with cold drinks.

Now, we need our fall version of adventure in this weird world. It won’t look like it did last year, but it can still fill our hearts while keeping the rest of us and our communities safe.

This is how I’m planning to turn my usual fall adventures into something fun for 2020 – what would you add?

  • Instead of traveling to visit friends >> I’m playing online trivia via Geeks Who Drink, having virtual happy hours, and hosting my second Zoom murder mystery party – plus we’re talking about cooking classes and such in the future. I’m also taking the time to just call and really talk to my friends 1:1 which is something most of us didn’t have time for previously.
  • Instead of political canvassing >> I’m texting with the Biden / Harris campaign to get out the vote earlier than ever before. You can sign up for a text training here! Mine on Tuesday was energizing and fun, and I’m doing my first shift tonight. SwingLeft has some other options, too, and I’m also writing letters through VoteForward!
  • Instead of running in races >> I’m running in virtual races, including the Boston 10k for Women and doing an “Oregon Trail” challenge with my roommate and other friends (even though everyone knows this is WAY too late in the season to head west…)
  • Instead of going to the gym >> I am doing workout videos from Sydney Cummings, which is such a fabulous way to start the day. Highly recommend!
  • Instead of going to art class >> I’m taking “watercolor & pen and ink” classes online – being virtual means that we get to hear the teacher’s critique all together and also get to continue making art even after the zoom ends.

PLUS, we can still do all the following – with our masks on or in the comfort of our own homes!

  • Carve pumpkins (outside! less mess on your kitchen floor!)
  • Pick apples
  • Have picnics in parks
  • Go on walks and hikes, especially on trails or before work / in the evenings when the sidewalks are more open
  • Pick up delicious food from bakeries, beer from local breweries, cider from farm stands, and more
  • Host a book club
  • Cook a new recipe (might I suggest bread if you haven’t already gotten tired of this challenge?)
  • Deliver cookies to your friends and neighbors
  • Celebrate the end of the week with take-out from restaurants you love and want to see survive
  • Write letters and send birthday cards
  • Have a movie marathon or finally watch that series you were saving for a rainy day (Mad Men is next on my list and yes I know how late I am)
  • Plan for a future adventure by reading books, watching cooking and travel specials, learning a new language, or physically training – so that when the day comes when it’s safe to hit the road again, we are ready to go!

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