Trying on another life for a night

That’s my philosophy about Halloween. It’s a time where everyone can be whoever they want – whether you’re a bus driver by day and black swan by night, or the total reverse. It’s also a chance to get crazy creative – and if you’re not ready to put your name on your creation, you can just add a mask and remain anonymous. 

Last year, I spent Halloween minimally dressed up with friends in Barcelona, where we drank in underground bars and resisted invitations to parties on the beach that started at 3 am. 

This year, the celebration started with an office costume contest in which we were all declared the nerdiest winners of the land. 

In addition to the inside jokes (dads@ and the hilarious hot dog, we also had a pivot table (Joey turned from side to side), #slack, and Internet explorer (me!), and a spam trap. And a pirate pulled from our costume bucket. Surely every office has one of those, right? Halloween nerdiness reached its pinnacle when we made a graph outlining each person’s vote for best candy. Reese’s forever!

Then, for a major throwback, I celebrated on the day-of with high school friends in Manchester, near where we grew up. This was my most exciting costume (favorite in years) as snapped by my dad, which made me feel like I was 10 and about to go trick-or-treating.

I’m Katniss from “The Hunger Games”, sporting my first ever side braid and my beloved mockingjay pin. And yoga pants. I decided that every costume I ever wear from now on has to include yoga pants because I was SO comfortable. 

This continues my trend of dressing as awesome heroines – from Nancy Drew to Cleopatra to Julia Child. Who will be next??

We celebrated Halloween and Rachael’s upcoming 30th at Strangr Brew, which was nothing short of magical. I love how Halloween tears down walls and makes it possible for me to go talk to the trio dressed as the Sanderson sisters, or to ask Rob Stark where he got that amazing cape (he made it!). Where I can do the wobble with a basic b*tch and laugh at black swan prancing around wearing Big Bird’s head. I had a crowing contest with Rufio, we shared our loaf of French bread with a very convincing joker, and a good time was had by all. 

I wish there were more days where we could express ourselves without worrying what other people think – and speak freely to strangers without bring creepy. Until there is, I’ll just start plotting my next costume… 

What’s your favorite costume you wore or saw this year?

**Also – shout out to my grandma for her chef costume and for winning the retirement community’s costume contest YET AGAIN!!**

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