Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

It’s finally here. The moment we have been waiting for these almost-30 years (of you know, the fifteen since I first saw the movie) – WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE!

Back to the Future II is one of my favorite movies (just ask anyone who has seen my OKCupid profile!). I love the campiness, the simplicity of its time-travel logic, and the specificity of what the future will hold. Doors that open based on your fingerprint! Holographic movies! Lots of frozen “food”! Video calls instead of just talking with our voices!

And of course, hover boards and self-tying shoes. 

We’re still working on those final two – but some of those other cinematic predictions really have come to pass. Drones are used in reporting. Our phones unlock through fingerprint scans. And the Cubs are still (temporarily?) in the running for World Series champs. 

Part of what I love about these movies – once I get past my crush on Michael J Fox – is that in this vision of the future, the world isn’t perfect but hope also isn’t totally lost. I feel like the narrative I’ve seen in movies lately is a bit more helpless – either because the world is wasted by overpopulation or climate change or that ever-possible asteroid. While our leaders debate whether or not God has endorsed them as a candidate and what server one should use for work emails, our films show the real issues that line our fears of the future – and the threats that go far beyond the danger of a simple sports almanac. I prefer the BTTF version, where any challenge can still be overcome, to the modern idea that the future is set… and looking pretty gray.

Raise a glass of Pepsi Perfect to the film that somewhat accurately showed us what this day could hold – and reminded us that even in 2015, our densities… I mean, destinies… can still change.

Thrilling thirty

It’s here.

And it’s even better than I expected.

30 brought me a huge birthday card from my officemates, calling out their 30 favorite things about me (everything from “she always shares her time, even when she’s busy” to “she found my underwear!” to “she keeps AOL in business”). It gave me brownies and cookies and people to enjoy them with. It meant I was walking through Davis Square after live music, dinner, and a movie – with my awesome dad – as the clock chimed into my new decade. It fed me breakfast at my childhood kitchen table with my family old and new (HI WES) around me. It saw me cheering over birthday cake with my family at our lake house, keeping warm by the fire and playing on the beach, then sipping the night away at a new speakeasy-themed bar in ManchVegas.

In a way, my life isn’t that different from when I started this blog in 2010. I still live with my awesome roommate Katie. I am weeks away from hitting my 5th year with my awesome job. I still love Boston, and peanut butter, and running on the bike path. But I’ve learned a lot, seen a lot, taken risks and hit my stride.

I can already tell – thirty is going to be my best year yet. The dress rehearsal is over, the stage is set – now it’s my time to shine and show the world what I can do. Including even running for Senate if I feel like it (5 more years until the Presidency is mine, baby!)!

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

Happy Mountain Day!

It’s that most glorious day of the fall – the day when the bells peal across the campus green, announcing the cancellation of all classes and obligations in favor of sleeping in and hiking and ice cream.

The glory of Mountain Day doesn’t end when you graduate from Mount Holyoke – it carries with you no matter where you go (even if you don’t necessarily get to call out of work sick because of “mountains” – sorry!). So, enjoy some ice cream, text some old college friends, and enjoy the fall – while it lasts!

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