Euro Top 10: #3 London’s markets

3 in Montpellier

#3 – London’s markets

Eliza Doolittle, heroine of My Fair Lady, sells her flowers on the steps of Covent Garden and wishes for a room far away from the cold night air, with one enormous chair and so on.  And I agree – that scene is quite “lover-ly” but I also love what she already has – markets galore.  Give me rows of cheese, towers of pastries, crowds all holding cocktails in plastic glasses and munching on pies and curries.  Give me London’s markets and one-pound coins changing hands in return for brownies, fresh fish, truffle oil, antique jewelry.  Give me streets of uncertain adventure, of stalls that weren’t there yesterday and might not be there tomorrow, but that stand in the footprints of hundreds of years of trade and barter.

Read more about my love for markets, and the diversity that London has to offer, here!

The #3 is brought to you by a sundial in Montpellier!

All photos are my own unless otherwise stated.

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