Happy *cough cough* new year!

I started the year with the banging of dozens of party poppers at my friend Anju’s house in upstate New York… followed later that weekend with a cold that’s still rattling around in my chest.  It kept me out of work for two days and delayed this New Year’s post by a week.

But now, I’m back!

And it really was a great way to start the year, surrounded by my college friends and their loved ones, eating delicious food, playing endless board games, and staying up until 2 AM talking about life, the universe, and online dating.

In the next twelve months we shall hereby call “2015,” I plan to check some fun things off my bucket list, ring in 30 with style, make some new friends and get back in touch with the old, change some lives, and hopefully pitch in on the campaign for a certain women’s college graduate who is most likely going to be running for president in 3…2…1…

Yup, this year is going to be big – so stay tuned! Coming later this month: my top 10 moments from my trip to Europe this fall!

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