The adventure continues

Somehow, I suddenly only have four more days left in London. The last 22 have gone by with lightning speed – between people visiting and doing my own exploring, the days are all one double-decker blur.

The last week hasn’t been the easiest one – my new apartment is more complicated than the last, with city noises all around (a neighboring alarm threatened to make me pull out all my hair – it went on for 14 hours overnight!) and just more little things going wrong. But some phone calls home and flexible friends who didn’t mind if my internet died mid-conversation (…because the electrician who was rewiring the living room turned off the whole apartment’s fuses…) made things better. Now I’m just wistful again, ready to soak up every minute of these last few days before they’re gone.

Still to do:
– run to St Paul’s (tomorrow!)
– go to the Warner Brothers Backlot Tour aka see everything Harry Potter
– drink more tea
– take pictures in a phone booth
– see a play with Katie (who arrives tomorrow!!)


(Eating homemade churros at Portobello Road Market – I used excellent self-restraint and managed to avoid buying anything but this!)

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