In defense of online dating

Why I love online dating:

  1. It connects me to with cool, smart guys who I missed out on meeting earlier in my 20s since I went to a women’s college (and loved it!)
  2. It allows me to screen for that perfect dude who loves Back to the Future and London and agrees with gay marriage and actually likes his life – something you can’t know about an average Joe at a bar
  3. It gives me great stories to tell my friends
  4. It has led to love and happiness for at least 2 of my close friends, probably many more!
  5. It introduces me to videos like this one of Bill Murray’s awkward kisses, shared by the overpriced but hilarious folks at How About We… 
  6. … and to videos like this powerful talk from Meg Jay on “Why 30 is not the new 20”.  More on that later. 

And hopefully, someday, it will lead me to someone awesome who gives me a great incentive to leave it all behind.  Until then, I’m off to answer some dating questions!

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