Summertime and the living’s easy

I may not have been online for the past month, but I have been living it up, summer style, by:

  • Playing on the friendliest softball team ever, a ragtag group of strangers who met in May and have been tearing up the field ever since.  We won today’s game 16-8 and I pitched 4 innings and only let in a single run.  Next week, I plan to duel with the “regular” pitcher to see which of us gets to dominate the next game.
  • Basically forgetting that I own a fridge and eating at food trucks, new restaurants, friends’ houses, etc. for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and only really going into the kitchen for freeze pops.
  • Celebrating Katey and Sal’s wedding last month with a rocking good time at a farm in Connecticut…
  • … and getting ready to toast Kate and Cory at their wedding on Sunday, also at a farm, in Mass this time.  Last weekend was our bachelorette extravaganza and it was a blast.
  • Spending an awesome week at the lake with the fam, with lots of kayaking, s’mores, Settlers of Catan, and reading in the hammock.


  • Working my butt off from the Boston office all the way down to DC.
  • Falling deeply into the Game of Thrones series, books only.  My theory is that if I can tough it through the books and skim over all the violence, the brutality of the TV show might be bearable.  MAYBE.
  • Some other athletic adventures (see more tomorrow!)
  • Eagerly awaiting and then celebrating the royal baby – I am just going to call him that forever.  Not offended by George, but also not impressed either.
  • Attending the 10th annual barn dance with Sara, and bringing the family this time too!


  • Growing the most out-of-control patch of cherry tomatoes you’ve ever seen.  18 plants started… 18 survive.  Now to get some actual tomatoes out of them…
  • Living vicariously through the TV show “Camp” and being glad for my own sane friend group by watching “Big Brother” with Katie
  • Trying out for a game show (more on this later too!)

Stay tuned for more fun in the coming days/ weeks/ months!  Hope your summer is appropriately chill and/or hot as well!

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