Lucky 13

Hey there 2013 – I’m glad you made it!

I am a big goal-setter, in case you’ve never met me or made it past the front page of this blog to see my Five Year Plan.  So when a new year starts and the calendar flips, I love to take a look at what’s ahead of me for the next twelve months, and set some lofty expectations.  Here’s what I expect in the coming year:

  • More celebrations in the form of friend weddings, friend engagements (you know who you are), and more dinner parties all around
  • Running my first half marathon – tons more on this later, but the registration is in, it’s happening this year and I’m going to need your help!
  • More fun with my family, especially now that Grandma BooBoo lives so close
  • More challenges at work, and more making great things happen for deserving non-profits
  • Continuing my weight-loss/ get-fit challenge of moving more, eating well, and trying to center myself
  • New opportunities to learn – whether through guitar lessons at long last or a bread-making class at the Harvard Extension School, I’m ready to try something new!
  • Travel adventures – from Big Sur with Kat later this spring to maybe some international trip in the fall, I’m ready to spread my wings
  • Watch more Dr. Who (yeah, it’s finally time to get addicted)

What’s on your plate for 2013?

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