Goodbye, 2012

2012 brought lots of laugh, heartache, delicious food, new challenges, and adventures.  And really, if that isn’t the stuff of life… what is?  In the past year, I:

  • Got a promotion
  • Lost 10 pounds (more to go!)
  • Spent an awesome amount of time with my Grandma BooBoo who moved to New England from Florida at long last
  • Got to celebrate my sister’s engagement to Wes
  • Rode in a tiny plane for the first time
  • Visited Chicago for the first time (with hopefully many more trips ahead)
  • Saw my first Great Lake (ahoy, Michigan!)
  • Sat in the exit row of a plane (YES REALLY AND IT WAS SO SWANKY)
  • Spent evenings out, morning at yard sales, and days of adventure with my awesome Boston friends
  • Became a Massachusetts voter
  • Helped elect a great woman to serve as MA’s first female Senator – soon to be the senior Senator from Massachusetts.  Go Elizabeth Warren!
  • Made and ate some amazing food
  • Visited the White House and the West Wing for the first time
  • Attended the weddings of my awesome MoHo friends Jill and Isabel
  • Celebrated the engagements of Katey, Ashley, and Pem
  • Graduated from Boston’s New Leaders Council Institute
  • Ran 2 races with my favorite running partner – my mom

All that, and more made up my 2012.  Now I’ve got even bigger plans for the year ahead – stay tuned, more on that tomorrow!

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