Things that are making my Monday

While I’m looking for some great music to share, here are some other tidbits that are helping me start off this week with a bang:

  1. The weather – can you believe that it’s December?  Definitely going for a walk at lunchtime.
  2. SLEEP – I actually got some last night, and it might have changed my life.  I’m recommitting to getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night (not a week, as I told Priti) – leave a comment if you have a goal like this and we can hold each other accountable!
  3. Sore muscles – from a weekend run and 30-Day Shred experience this weekend.  I love knowing I pushed my body and it’s getting stronger as a result.
  4. Mount Holyoke – I visited MoHome this weekend – more to come on this later!
  5. Downton Pawnee – an amazing mash-up that shows how well the words of Parks and Recreation map onto the glamour of Downton Abbey

What’s making you tick this beautiful Monday morning?

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