You’re awesome – Amy Poehler thinks so too

  • Are you a person?
  • Have you ever looked in the mirror?
  • How about looked at someone else – anyone, really?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Amy Poehler has a message you need to hear.

Whether or not you wonder the same thing about your own body or just want to build a better society where people stop judging each other’s bodies and just start enjoying all the amazing things they can do, Amy’s words ring true.

Every time I get sick, I think to myself “Once I can breathe through my nose again… once my head stops pounding… once my stomach stops churning… THEN, I’ll be ready to appreciate my body and be grateful for all the things it does right.”  But in reality, that’s not so easy to accomplish.  It’s mostly when our body fails us – with sniffles, a migraine, or more dramatically, cancer, that we really realize how much we take for granted and how much we have to be grateful for.

So, thanks, strong arms.  And sturdy back that helps me stand at my desk.  And tough heels, created through a summer of fun.  I’m glad you’re a part of my adventure.

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