Ride on, Sally

Yesterday, the world lost a great scientist, feminist, and patriot when Sally Ride passed away at the young age of 61.

Sally Ride wasn’t just the first American woman in space – she was a woman who inspired a generation of women to reach beyond what they knew to be possible.  She was the one they called on when the Challenger – and then the Columbia – met tragic ends.  She reached for adventure and sought to push America further across the galaxy.  And even though she won’t be here to see how it all turns out, she’s leaving behind a great legacy.

I’m sorry I won’t get to meet her, but I’m still grateful for all that she has meant for me and young women across the country.

Ride on, Sally.

The NYTimes has a great obituary that I suggest you read – if nothing else, it will inspire you to make something of today.

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