New life goal

I need your help.

I have a new life goal, but I can’t complete it without you all.

Since I was little, I’ve always pointed to Sally Ride as my namesake, my hero, one majorly awesome feminist winner.  She rocked into the space program, becoming the first American woman in space in 1983 after a long long line of women getting unfairly dismissed from the program.  She made it to the top (and beyond) and paved the way for astronauts in the years ahead, including New Hampshire’s own Christa McAuliffe.  She inspired countless women, including myself, to study science and astronomy, and take on challenges despite gender bias.   Now, I want your help to meet her.

I don’t know how or where, but if that Sally could make it into space despite all the obstacles, this Sally can find a way to shake her hand.

If you have a lead, a connection, know someone who’s publishing her book, hear about her speaking at a museum, etc., I would be eternally grateful.  From Sally to Sally, keep me in mind!

Sally Ride in Challenger, 1983