Music Monday: Call your girlfriend

I’ve loved this song since I saw how silly it made my coworkers’ dance moves, but the mini-artists here make this version fabulous.  They’re s confident and musical, banging on their butter tubs.  I play the guitar because I love to sing along, and you can tell that these gals are in it for the same reason: to have fun.

(Thanks, Lauren, for the recommendation!)

Mistakes I made

  • Doubled a recipe before making sure all the ingredients would actually fit in the blender
  • Went to the grocery store super hungry
  • Left my deodorant in my purse, where it got all over my camera case (the old one, thank goodness)
  • Stayed up until 2 AM for no reason
  • Went outside in this heat (is there such a thing as a sun day, as in opposite of a snow day?)

…and that’s just today!


Music Monday: What makes you beautiful

Sorry guys, I was wrong.  Carly Ray Jepsen is out – One Direction is in.  This song was THE theme of summer during my week at camp – we sang it at least 4 times a day and three different kids did it on stage night.  This version comes from Kat, who says it makes her want to be on Broadway, since the cast of Anything Goes is having such a freaking blast here.

Do you love this song?  Sick of it yet?  Somewhere in between?  I’m not fond of the lyrics (what if you DO know you’re beautiful?) but it is fun to sing, overall.

New life goal

I need your help.

I have a new life goal, but I can’t complete it without you all.

Since I was little, I’ve always pointed to Sally Ride as my namesake, my hero, one majorly awesome feminist winner.  She rocked into the space program, becoming the first American woman in space in 1983 after a long long line of women getting unfairly dismissed from the program.  She made it to the top (and beyond) and paved the way for astronauts in the years ahead, including New Hampshire’s own Christa McAuliffe.  She inspired countless women, including myself, to study science and astronomy, and take on challenges despite gender bias.   Now, I want your help to meet her.

I don’t know how or where, but if that Sally could make it into space despite all the obstacles, this Sally can find a way to shake her hand.

If you have a lead, a connection, know someone who’s publishing her book, hear about her speaking at a museum, etc., I would be eternally grateful.  From Sally to Sally, keep me in mind!

Sally Ride in Challenger, 1983

Lollipop moments

I am on my way back from a week at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, one of my favorite places on earth.  Highlights of the week include being made fun of by 14 year old girls for having rabbit eyes (what would that even mean??) – I didn’t care as long as they laughed together! – seeing some of my ladies zip down from the top of the tower, and ruling over some pretty controversial games of mafia (alien abduction style) and silentball.  It was a fabulous week as usual, and the tone was set perfectly when we watched this video before the session.

Check it out and let me know if it moves you as well.  Have you been the creator of a lollipop moment?  Do you owe it to someone to tell them that they’ve been responsible for a lollipop moment for you?

This video may be only 6 minutes long, but it made me want to be a better leader, a better person – it was a bite-sized reminder that small acts DO make a difference, and that we have the power inside ourselves to create them.  So I’m heading home with a lollipop in my bag (literally), and hoping my campers feel the same way.

Music Monday: I dreamed a dream

But in my dream, anyone but Anne Hathaway played Fantine.

Still, I can’t help being excited for the Les Mis movie coming out this Christmas.  I propose that us lovely ladies from GHS hop back into our corsets for a midnight viewing – what do you say?  Will you be going to see this rendition of the classic Victor Hugo story?

Music Monday: Stronger

I’ve been wanting to post this song for a while, but never found the right presentation.  This video is just that and more – it’s an embodiment of strength in a time of pain: of people fighting in out together, and determined to come back stronger than ever before.  Watch and be inspired!

You can check out the full story of its creation here.

Weekend victories

The highlight reel:

  1. Finished the Tory Row 5K  with mom in less time than we predicted – AND not being last!!!
  2. Got all my herbs and tomato plants into the ground before brunch
  3. Snagged the last three seats at brunch at Highland Kitchen (beignets = best recovery food ever!)
  4. Went on a shopping spree with Katie and bought everything we ever needed, and very few things we didn’t (that hat was too good to pass up)
  5. Finally used my Christmas bonus to buy myself an awesome new camera – expect to see lots more pics soon!
  6. Explored new shops in Harvard with Beth despite the rain
  7. … and still snuck in a two hour nap in our newly-cleaned living room

Now THAT’s what I call a weekend!