Kitchen Adventures: Lemon-Almond Muffins

This recipe from Cakelove was a true adventure and included more than a few touch-and-go moments.  I looked up the recipe at Porter Square Books, bought the materials at the grocery store next door, and came home to see what I come whip up.  The final result was tasty (all the office muffins were gone in a day) despite making all these mistakes:

  • Assuming that I would be ok without a paddle mixer.  Making due with what you have is lovely, but the chemistry isn’t quite the same in a traditional mixer, as I found out this day.
  • Using the wrong sugar on purpose.  I figured that if I had to buy raw sugar anyway, I should use it up!  But again, chemistry was not entirely on my side.
  • Making a double batch without measuring the bowl – good for the stomach but not if it doesn’t fit into the mixer!  (Hint: IT DOESN’T!)
  • Not softening the butter – melted is not the same, and you have to watch that stuff!
  • Using half as much butter.  After I doubled the recipe, I just could not bring myself to use a second stick of butter.  You have to draw the line somewhere!

With all that said, don’t these things look delicious?

Muffins in progress

Fresh out of the oven!

Lemon almond muffin adventure complete!

Check out the recipe here; good luck with your own kitchen adventures!

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