Since I last wrote, I’ve been to California and back, moved offices, helped with a successful fundraiser, and had good times with lots of friends.  Here’s what I learned along the way:

  • The San Francisco airport is awesome – my terminal had a yoga room, vegan food, and only compost and recycling options, they don’t create real trash!
  • Even if the first 5 people at Verizon are kind of nasty to deal with, the last one might be nice and finally install your office’s internet and phone lines.
  • Listening to The OC’s soundtrack while driving to Newport Beach is pretty close to living in a dream.
  • I have some amazing friends, whether they’re coming in from out of town, the last person I say goodnight to, or the ones who left work early to help fundraise for an organization they’re not a part of yet
  • Working out in the morning makes for a great day – and may even leave you ready to return at night!
  • Along those lines, spinning is awesome, as long as you’re wearing padded shorts.  (Ouch ouch)
  • It’s ok – maybe even preferred – to have an educational book to read on the train ride to work and a trashy romance novel for the way home.  It’s a zero-calorie reward for a job well done!

More on everything later, including some great pics from the West Coast, videos I’ve been meaning to post, and a further recap of life’s musings.

What’s up with you?

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