Dear 16 year old me

In honor of:

  • Spring and sunshine
  • My upcoming trip to California
  • The law school version of this video
I wanted to share this video as a powerful reminder to WEAR SUNSCREEN.  And then – and only then – enjoy the sunshine!


I put on SPF 15 every day before I leave the house, and I am counting on it to keep me young and healthy for many springs and summers to come.  I also have a snazzy sun hat (that I might bring to CA if I can fit it in my bag…) What’s your trick?

7 thoughts on “Dear 16 year old me

  1. Sally, this video is awesome! Thank you for sharing! My father died from melanoma and it had spread to his lungs and brain. It most certainly was due to sunburns in his younger years. If just one person sees this and protects themselves, I would be very happy. Love,

    • Thanks for sharing, Jenn – I don’t think people realize how dangerous skin cancer can be! It definitely falls into the realm where I like to say “you might get cancer anyway (or already have…) – no point in increasing your chances, especially when prevention is so simple!”

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