Thank you…

… for paying your taxes!

This comes from my friend and coworker Pem, who sent it around as a response to people (like me) who were saying that no one likes Tax Day.  It’s a good reminder of all the things that our dollars go toward – libraries, stop signs, the military, our free education system,  supporting our fire departments, etc. etc. etc…

So thanks – seriously.

Dear 16 year old me

In honor of:

  • Spring and sunshine
  • My upcoming trip to California
  • The law school version of this video
I wanted to share this video as a powerful reminder to WEAR SUNSCREEN.  And then – and only then – enjoy the sunshine!


I put on SPF 15 every day before I leave the house, and I am counting on it to keep me young and healthy for many springs and summers to come.  I also have a snazzy sun hat (that I might bring to CA if I can fit it in my bag…) What’s your trick?

Kitchen Adventures: Matzo Brei

My awesome Grandma Boo Boo has moved up north, finally deciding that the sunshine isn’t worth being so far away from the rest of the fam, and I couldn’t be happier.  Now we can have all sorts of collage dates, movie review sessions (she sees all the hit movies well before I do) and book clubs in person – and she can pass on her awesome yiddish wit and cooking skills in person.

We started that off last month at what Kat calls “the Grandma summit” because I got to see both grandmas in one place for the first time in years.  It was fabulous and together, we kicked off a new era of family cooking with the Boo Boo led version of matzo brei.

Never heard of it? It’s also called matzo fry, sometimes, and is basically the Jewish version of french toast.  It’s the perfect brunch food for passover, easter, or any time of year!

Grandma Boo Boo’s Matzo Brei

  • 1 box matzo
  • 6 eggs, beaten
  • 2 cups milk
  • canola oil
  • maple syrup or honey
  1. Break up the matzo into 2-inch pieces or so – not too small!
  2. Scald 2 cups of milk in a saucepan until it just begins to boil.
  3. Pour hot milk over the matzo and let sit until it’s cool – this is the important part!
  4. Only when the milk and matzo are cool, add in the six beaten eggs and stir/ fold it in gently so the matzo is coated but doesn’t break.
  5. Warm up a frying pan with a few tablespoons of oil (Boo Boo says to be nice and generous).  When hot, add in the matzo mixture and let sit.  Don’t scramble it as you go – just let it settle and brown.  When one side is brown, cut in half and flip each piece (or flip it all together, if you have the skillz!).
  6. When lightly browned, remove from pan and top with maple syrup or honey and enjoy!
Have questions?  Let me know and I’ll pass them on to the master chef herself, in the red hat here.  Love you, Boo Boo!

Grandma Summit 2012 - the first of many!

Kitchen Adventures: Quinoa & Cheese

Crazy, but great! I found this recipe on Pinterest, where someone else had reposted it – the picture was delicious enough that I went out and bought the ingredients that evening so I could have it for dinner.

The final product took some time, but didn’t disappoint.  Here’s my take on Leanne’s version of Monica’s original recipe (phew! just trying to give credit where it’s due!).

Quinoa & Cheese (aka Quinoa Mac and Cheese)

  • 1 1/2 cups of uncooked quinoa, cooked first thing
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 cup non-fat or soy milk
  • 1 1/2 cups grated cheddar cheese (was one whole block, for me)
  • Panko bread crumbs for topping
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 head of cauliflower (optional)
  • 2 tomatoes (optional)
  • 2 small onions (optional)
  1. Cook the quinoa as directed on the package (mine took 15 minutes, try not to overcook!).  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Sauté or steam the cauliflour until lightly cooked.  Chop into smaller pieces (bite sized or smaller) when soft.  Chop the tomato into bite sized pieces and set aside.
  3. Chop the garlic and onion into small pieces and sauté until tender.
  4. Whisk together eggs and milk in a large bowl.  Add in quinoa and cheese, stirring until cheese is fully integrated and begins to melt slightly.  Add in cauliflower, onions, garlic, and salt and pepper (a few dashes, to taste) and mix well – now add in the chopped tomato and stir gently (so the tomato stays a bit intact).
  5. Spoon into a baking dish and top with bread crumbs.  Cook for for 30 minutes or until bread crumbs begin to brown.

Eat and enjoy!  The final product will be really hot with cheesy goodness, but worth it.  This meal is hearty, wholesome, and downright delicious for any time of year.  Let me know if you try it at home!

Music Monday: A song for the soul

My dad sent this to me – I dare you to watch and not have shivers run down your spine.  It serves as a good reminder of the power of music, and of the need to not judge people until you actually know – or at least hear – who they really are.  Watch until at least 5:45 for an extra punch to the gut.


ETA: YouTube isn’t playing nice, but you can still click the link to watch the video.

Happy day

Happy April Fool’s Day!  Since Google didn’t want to give much pizzaz to my current city of Boston or my hometown in NH, I bring you this delightful version of London, a city near and dear to my 8-bit heart.  (Click to enlarge.)