The jackpot question in advance

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

I am:

  • Kissing NH goodbye and heading south to ring in the New Year with my awesome boyfriend
  • Not feeling ill (no repeats of last year!)
  • Dreaming of all the gifted goodies I had to bring back to Boston prematurely, but excited that they will be there for me to play with/cook on/read when I return to my home base
  • Gearing up for another year of adventures, good cooking, laughter, and fun
What about you?  And have you thought of some 2012 resolutions yet?  More on that later this week…

Hey girl

Oh hey girl – have you seen Ryan Gosling all over the net lately?  From election campaigns to NPR to standing up for rescue animals, this dude is HOT (in all possible ways).  Here’s my roundup of the best the internet has to offer when it comes to this smokin’ hot star (and if someone can explain the point of all this along the way, your analysis would be much appreciated!):

NPR style:

Campaign style (warning: some non-PG phrases in here!):

Feminist style:

Literary style:

Typography style:

Did I miss any?  What do you think of this weird trend?


Rethinking Risotto (part 2)

Since I made this risotto a few weeks ago, I’ve been planning to try another batch to see if its deliciousness was a fluke or if making risotto really can be that easy and amazing.  The answer: YES IT CAN!

I made this tasty risotto the other night using Archer Farms four cheese risotto mix.  While the risotto was cooking, I cooked up some chopped onions and thawed frozen cauliflower with some garlic, oregano, and rosemary.  When the risotto had about 8 minutes left, I tossed in the veggie mixture, and finished with 1 tsp butter and 2 tbsp grated parmesan.  The result was perfecto (and I didn’t even burn my mouth on it!!)!  I have a few packets left (yes, I stocked up the last time I went to Target), and I’m already thinking about what I can throw into the pot next.

What’s your favorite risotto?  Have you tried any like mine here and here?

Winter Weekend Win

20-degree perfection!

Not pictured: brownies that are cooling in the kitchen, the roommate who will watch very silly Christmas movies with me, and the cute boyfriend who came to cheer on us Jingle Bell Runners.

After finishing the Jingle Bell Run 5k.

Our neighbor's amazing light display. Holiday cheer huzzah!

Delicious risotto for dinner - recipe to come!

Women and public service, on a scale of awesome

Cool: A new State Department initiative to support women in public service.

Cooler: The fact that Mount Holyoke College is part of this new program, and is going to serve as a world leader getting women involved in – and recognized for – public service.

Coolest: The fact that my dear friend Priti Rao is one of their success stories already!

Go Priti, go Mount Holyoke, go women kicking butt and making the world a better place, one public service position at a time!  Check out the Women in Public Service Project to see what great things they have in store for the future.