Things I love right now

  • My morning boot camp routine (free, run by City Sports in a park near Porter)
  • My boot camp buddy, Rachel, who I harass via text message each morning to make sure she’s going to be there
  • Quinoa and tahini
  • Strong women winning elected office (three cheers for Ayanna Pressley!)
  • The Distant Hours, by Kate Morton, my current bedtime read
  • 11/11/11 being right around the corner – got an epic wish planned?
And on the not-so-much list?
  • Christmas carols in stores.  It’s not even Thanksgiving!
  • My office’s inability to stay at a comfortable temperature
  • That it’s no longer teva weather
What’s on the hot and not list in your life right now?

3 thoughts on “Things I love right now

    • It’s really good. I’m also reading “The Blue Bistro” because it’s easier to carry on the T, and it’s much meatier and less fluffy than I imagined it would be – very captivating. I’ll lend you them both when I’m done!

  1. Things I love:
    * The DAYLIGHT in the morning. And no, I’m not going to list the darkness in the afternoon on my “not” list because I love the bright morning SO MUCH!
    * That it is 60 degrees!
    * Being in training for a race!
    * My job!
    * YOU and your sister and your father!

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