Happy birthday, 7B!

This morning, the seven billionth person on earth was born.  Our fixed-size planet, which was home to just 500 million people in 1500, now has 7 billion people living on its surface – and that number is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050.  With numbers like that, it’s time to ask some questions:

  • Where to you fit into the grand scheme of things?  Find your number here.  I am the 4,885,109,561st person alive on Earth and the 79,721,025,639th person to have lived since history began.  How much before or after me were you?
  • How exactly did we grow so quickly?  Check out this great video from the folks at NPR.
  • What is a typical person like, now that there are 7 billion of us?  See the National Geographic video below for some insight.

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