Putting the horror in the season

When it comes to Halloween, I am a total wimp.  My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus.  I lost nights of sleep the first time I saw The Ring.  When Laura, Katie, and I visited a haunted ship, I almost cried when the ghost-hunting thingy kept lighting up red only right in front of my face (which apparently meant that there was an evil dementor/ring wraith specter hovering in front of me, according to the guides).

So when I saw this post with photos of people being genuinely scared out of their minds in a haunted house, I could totally relate.

The place: Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada

The scene: as you’re walking along a dimly lit path, people jump out at you and then a car drives out of nowhere, barely braking in front of you

The result:

… and that’s just the beginning.  Some of the best are posted here, and the full catalog of fear is on Flickr.

If this looks enticing to you, better head to Canada without me… looking through these pictures of people in pure terror gives me enough of a chill to call it a day.

Do you love or hate haunted houses?  Are you scared of Halloween, ghosts, witches, or something totally mundane?  Spill!

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