Have you heard the news(ies)?

It’s a fine life – even finer now that the 1992 classic musical Newsies is being made into a Broadway musical.  The film stars Christian Bale as a newspaper delivery boy fighting back against an increase in distribution rates.  Good times, especially as he belts out off-key showstoppers like “Santa Fe.”  I especially love the big dance scene in “Seize the Day,” which was my Music Monday not too long ago.

Check out a clip from the production below, and join me in asking – what took you so long, Disney?

What do you think?  Will you go see it (with me!) when it comes to Broadway?

More info available at Playbill.com

PS: On a related note, can we get Hollywood to stop re-making awesome musical movies and move toward a version of Fiddler on the Roof that I can watch in one sitting?  Thanks.