The Boston Song

If you haven’t heard “The Boston Song” yet, I’m pleased to make the introduction.  This video makes me so happy about my second city, my non-New Hampshire home.  (My good old Granite State has been commemorated in its own song series, here.)  It is heartfelt, touches on all the places that make up my life here, and includes my favorite part of Red Sox games – that moment where you get to stand up and yell “so good, SO GOOD!”

Because if that – screaming fans drinking $7 beers in the wind, rain, and blazing sun – isn’t Boston, what is?

What’s your favorite part of this video?  Are you a fan of the ducklings?  The break dancing at Quincy Market?  The fact that they’ve obviously been filming this for months, since it includes the marathon?  Love the bit at 2:30 (watch and see, political friends)?

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