Music Monday: Sparkle on, Robin




How I Met Your Mother.

I have a tendency to watch tv shows completely out of order, as I did with all of the above (and then some).  The end result of this is me wondering why people cheer so loudly when Kramer enters the room, trying to figure out who really owns the bar, and wishing and hoping that “one of these days, we’ll see Robin and Ted together!”  Yeah.  Not quite.  But I love them all nevertheless (except Cheers, which I weirdly outgrew the summer when I was 19,) with a special fondness toward HIMYM, even if it is funnier out of order.

And above all, I love Robin.  I think we should all be a little more like her.  Minus the gun fetish, and with a bit more Sparkle.

(Hang around next week for the follow-up!)