Come together… for cheesy pictures

I love being a tourist.  Posing for silly pictures, stopping to read every little historic plaque, eating vaguely exotic food (within my personal limits on strange meat…), and generally soaking in every little cheesy touristy thing wherever I visit.  To me, this silliness is one of the best parts of travel in my twenties (and hopefully beyond!).

That’s why I am in love with this live video feed from Abbey Road. This is where the Beatles shot the cover of their album of the same name back in 1969.  Now, you can watch silly people risk their lives for a good photo op 24/7, all the way from the comfort of your laptop!  While I’m sure the traffic was not a consideration for the Beatles (they were the Beatles, for god’s sake!), this is now a major roadway so people are constantly running into traffic, trying to make cars and trucks slow down with sheer willpower, and gleefully risking their lives for one shot of themselves on that crosswalk.

I’m not going to lie – I want a picture like that one of these days.  Also, one of me at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Fun fact: crosswalks, called “zebra crossings” in England, are one of the few times the Brits use the letter Z in everyday language.  In general, Z is replaced with Z whenever possible.  Realize = realise, publicize = publicise, etc.  As someone proud of the two Zs in my last name, I am glad that the zebra crossing (pronounced like it rhymes with “Debra”), maintains its Z allegiance.

[Link and photo courtesy of, one of my other favorite websites.]

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