I’m not dead yet

Just insanely busy!  And then WordPress didn’t want to let me post any videos on Monday – blame the establishment (the blogging establishment?) – not me!

Things that have kept me running around like crazy lately:

  • Trying not to melt in the summer heat
  • A week at the lake in Deering, reading and floating on Cuddle Island, our huge new raft aka paradise
  • Volunteering at summer camp for kids with cancer and having the time of my life (though sadly, no Beiber sightings)
  • Playing softball on the banks of the river Charles (dun dun, dun dun dun…)
  • Recovering from playing softball and the bruises that come from this sport
  • Dancing in barns (more on this later)
  • Readjusting our office layout to accommodate new staffers
  • Making travel plans – NYC and DC, here I come!
  • Early awaiting the final Harry Potter movie
While I run through another whirlwind day, I leave you with this – pictures from everyone’s first and last Harry Potter premiere.  Neville is now a dreamboat, Malfoy looks like he wants to sell you a used car, and Ginny is hot.  And none of them knew how to dress at their first premieres, which is just as it should be when you’re ten.
Anyone else going to a midnight show tomorrow?

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