Music Monday: Looking on the bright side

Since I shared my thoughts on having a positive outlook, I’ve been thinking of optimistic songs and the messages they send. I’m a firm believer in the idea that there’s a song for every moment (and they should be sung more often, in public whenever possible).  These are the songs I sing that remind me to “put on a happy face” because “nothing matters but knowing nothing matters,” and the ride will be more fun if you can “look on the bright side of life.”

So, I’m dedicating this entire month of Music Mondays to my favorite optimistic songs, starting with this Monty Python classic.  It’s originally from “Life of Brian” but it’s been re-appropriated for the musical “Spamalot” in recent years – a gem I just got to see in person (with Nolan on the keyboard – hi Nolan!).

[Warning: there are a few swears in here.  I mean, it is Monty Python…]

You can check out the Spamalot version here.

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