Music Monday: Royal Romance

This hilarious and catchy gem comes courtesy of my MoHo friend Sarah, whose love for the royal family has reached an all-time peak on her blog.  I’ve loved following along with her latest William & Kate (soon to be Catherine) updates and trivia.  Thanks to her, I know that Kate’s face has been spotted on a jellybean, William does not plan to wear a wedding ring, and there are actually people out there who are more obsessed with this occasion than Sarah.

For the record, we’re at 11 days and counting.  I can’t wait to see what happens when Sarah actually gets to London! Watch out, England!

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Royal Romance

    • I was going to post something anyway – this video was just the perfect excuse! 🙂 BTW, if you happen to see any William/Kate postcards over there, I would love to add one to my collection!

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