Things I love right now

  • The James Taylor station on Pandora
  • Days when the weather never drops below 32 degrees
  • My new sweater that makes me think of spring
  • Baking and cooking things that make my whole house smell amazing (bacon this weekend, scones on Pi day!)
  • Not looking for a new apartment – I am so excited about staying put!
  • Being able to see the ground again and walking down sidewalks that are not covered in snow
  • The ice cream sundae I had for dinner last night – that one was for you, Grandma!
  • My awesome job where I work like a maniac but it pays off in the end
  • The fabulous people in my life who make every day an adventure

Here’s to another day – what’s making your life great right now?

3 thoughts on “Things I love right now

  1. You! And your sister and father!

    The idea that maybe this is the LAST day for a while with little balls of ice falling from the sky.

    A new yoga studio in the area.

    Technology that connects me with people I love.

    People I love.

  2. -My goat, Carmen, who is more excited than anybody I know about Spring and has no reserves about making a fool of herself and making me laugh whenever I go visit her.

    -Gradually making new friends at my new job.

    -Kristen’s upcoming wedding.

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