C is for cookie

It’s here.

The moment I’ve been waiting for all year.  Forget Christmas, my birthday, even election day.  They all pale in comparison to this day.

Because today is Girl Scout Cookie Day.


I was a girl scout for seven years, and I loved every minute of it.  Our troop was a bit rag-tag; on a particularly memorable camping trip in our troop leader’s backyard, it rained so much that the tent collapsed on me and Rachie in the middle of the night.  Usually, we did lots of arts and crafts, investigated our town and family history, had “lock-ins” at the YMCA.

And sold those cookies.

When I studied abroad in London, I eagerly awaited the package from my mom that contained that year’s cookies.  When they arrived, I tested a few and then brought them to my afternoon study group in place of the usual Twix we had with our tea.

Me: Here, I brought you Girl Scout cookies!  This is the kind we call “thin mints.”
Brits: Oh, mint cookies.  Yum.
Me: No, no.  These are special.  They are Girl Scout cookies.
Brits: What makes them so special?
Me: You can only buy them once a year, and then you just long for them the rest of the time.
Brits: So all the Girl Scouts make cookies at once.
Me: No… all the cookies are made by a few central bakeries around the country.  There are no girls involved.
Brits: Then why do they call them Girl Scout cookies?
Me: Because Girl Scouts walk around town and sell the cookies to pay for camp, and new books, and badges and things.
Brits: Ok.  So let’s get this straight.  Once a year, little girls get dressed up and wander around door to door, selling cookies that they didn’t bake, so pay for things that have nothing to do with cookies.  And they only sell them for a few weeks each time… and no one else is allowed to make a similar cookie.
Me: Yeah, basically.  Aren’t they good?

The next week, we went back to Twix.  But let me tell you, I enjoyed the heck out of the rest of that box.

[PS:  I bought my box in the Porter Square T stop, get ’em while they’re around!  Last year I saw a guy sprint through traffic to get to an ATM to get the last box of Tagalongs before the girls packed up.  This is serious business.]

ETA: Use this website to find out when and where you can pick up your own Girl Scout Cookies!

Love is all you need

Zach Wahls proved that point with poise and eloquence when he spoke up in the Iowa state legislature against a bill that would make civil unions illegal, referencing his own childhood being raised by two women along with a list of accomplishments that would make any parent proud.

As Valentine’s Day gets closer, take a minute to sign this petition supporting everyone’s right to get married.  Gay or straight, we all deserve to be treated the same under the law.   As Zach pointed out here, having great parents who are in a happy marriage is what matters – not what gender those parents are.