Half Price Fun

In addition to the list I have going here, I have a separate list of things I want to accomplish in Boston in the near future.  I love being a tourist in my own city (with the perk of actually knowing where I am most of the time and understanding that more than just the B line goes to Fenway Park – seriously, folks?  Read the signs!).  Included on that list are sites of historical and literary significance, cultural events that I’ve somehow missed before – I saw the Boston Marathon for the first time last spring! – and food that I have been dying to taste.

I am a step closer to checking one thing of my list today; thanks to Buy With Me, I’ve committed to visiting the Mapparium in the next six months!

Though I have spent a decent amount of time wandering around the Pru/ Mass Ave area, I have never been inside the Mary Baker Eddy Library.  I’ve eaten ice cream while watching kids play in the fountain, pondered the strange architecture (castle-like church on one side of the reflecting pool, hideous windowless monstrosity on the other), and taken silly pictures in front of the library columns.

Now, that will finally change since I’m locked into two tickets to the Mapparium for $6, half of what they usually cost.  The Mapparium – a giant stained glass globe that you walk inside, and which has not been updated since 1935 – is open weird hours (10-4, Tuesday to Sunday) which have never matched up with my schedule before, but now I have a real reason to go.  I find that getting coupons or spotting deals is the last push I need to get me out of the house and trying new things.  And for $3 a person, this is a cheap afternoon date with my guy or one of my best friends.  Love it!

Now, off to have other adventures closer to home.  Enjoy your lukewarm weekend!

(Note: I don’t get anything from BWM for mentioning them here, but I get some online credit if you sign up on the link above [as does everyone who introduces new people].  Through this link or another, I highly recommend joining!)