Music Monday: Forget You

If only I could “forget you” – every time I hear this song, it gets stuck in my head for weeks.

I really prefer this version to the original.  I know that it’s supposed to be ironic, with the classic Motown setting and the foul language, but a) this version is not too crude to accidentally sing in public, as I find myself doing, and b) I think it fits the tempo of the  song better.

Gwyneth Paltrow did a pretty solid job with this on Glee, too, in an even more toned-down version.

One thought on “Music Monday: Forget You

  1. I LOVE this song!!! I have bought a total of about 10 itune songs from the 2000’s in my life, but when I heard this on the Grammy Award show with the C-Lo, Gwenith and the muppets, I bought it immediately….I still love it!

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