How to mix up a perfect weekend

  1. Start with a full night of sleep.
  2. Throw in a sunny morning run, and cool down with brunch eaten while watching home improvement shows on HGTV.
  3. After a brief tidying session around the home, bundle up and explore the neighborhood while keeping an eye out for seasonal festivities.
  4. Add a dash of adventure by going down a new side street or checking out a store you usually just pass by.
  5. Stir well with the massive crowds who are out holiday shopping.
  6. Let this combination sit for three hours with best friends in a warm kitchen full of the scent of banana chocolate chip bread and the sound of game timers.
  7. Bundle up again and set out with your paramour for a wintery evening out.
  8. Rinse and repeat.

Did I miss anything?  How do you define a perfect weekend?

2 thoughts on “How to mix up a perfect weekend

  1. Ingredients in a very good weekend for me:
    Dinner with my guy
    A very long walk with a very good friend
    A party with strangers and good food
    Lots and lots of TIME on a dark, rainy day, to get lots of stuff done
    Success in installing new technology that actually works
    Time talking with people I love
    Lots of restful sleep

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