Music Monday: You and I will be young forever

In case you’re one of the eight people on the planet not watching Glee, (Hi Priti and Sara!) you’re probably familiar with the new harmonious music coming from the latest boys’ choir on the scene, the Dalton Academy Warblers.  But did you know that the sound that powers that amazing groups comes from here in MA, in the form of the Tufts’ Beezlebubs?

No joke – the Bubs sing all the backgrounds for the Warblers, and this weekend I got to see them shout it out in person thanks to my amazing boyfriend who landed us tickets to their winter concert.

I dare you not to dance to this song.  Just try.

Fun fact: Peter Gallagher was in this group when he was at Tufts.  And his eyebrows were too.

4 thoughts on “Music Monday: You and I will be young forever


    1)LOVE the teenage dream performance
    2) I am one of the 8 people in the world who does not watch Glee (except for at your house when you’ve tivo’d it)

    • No! The song selection has been so poor overall lately, I try not to watch any previews since the songs are the only part of the show I like.

      (and I didn’t watch last night’s episode yet – don’t tell!)

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