Make A Wish!

Today is 11/11, and you know what that means…


I still remember the first time my little sister told me about this magical moment.  We were in elementary school and I couldn’t believe I had gone so long without knowing about this phenomenon.  Ever since then, I have kept an eye out for the moment when the clock flashed all ones.  When I was sick, most of my wishes were about getting better and keeping all my fellow cancer patients safe.  And since that worked, I’ve moved on to other wishes over the years, many of which have come true.

So, don’t waste this moment and this day – wish away!

(And save the date for next year, which multiple people on Facebook have informed me is the time of “the most epic wish ever” as it will be 11/11/11.)

Work-Drink Balance

As I tried to balance truffle fries and a glass of water last night at a networking event, I was reminded (a little too late) of this great video from Jason Seiden.  His website has all sorts of career and life tips, but this one, shared with me by my friend Abby, is the most valuable one I’ve seen so far:

I have to say, learning to eat with my left hand and drink with my right takes some getting used to (aka I have not come anywhere near to mastering it yet) but the idea is great and it’s nice to have something to work on, especially if that something keeps you from having sticky hands when an important handshake is in your future.

His follow-up on “how to drink without getting drunk” is pretty great too, even though I was already doing it. (Let’s hear it for seltzer water! Woohoo!)