Road Tripping

Results of yesterday’s road test and lessons learned:

  1. If P is going to drive, I need to be much better at shouting out “LEFT” and “RIGHT” at the appropriate times.
  2. I should probably drive because P gets a minimum of eight phone calls every hour.
  3. I will bring my own GPS because I don’t get along with hers.
  4. Canvassing is a great excuse to check out amazing houses with breathtaking views, and then argue over which of you gets to live there (and which of you has to live in the in-law apartment in the garage, though even that had a ridiculous view).
  5. November requires gloves in case people want you to hold signs and the sun has already taken every iota of warmth from the air.  New plan: canvass only in sunny states, hitting the south in the winter and the north only for summer primaries and special elections.

Today is the test round two – maybe the results tonight will convince her that this is a great idea and we should prepare for taking our show on the road, especially the next time there is a progressive woman running for President.

HAPPY ELECTION DAY!  Vote early and often!

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