Enjoying the Journey

This Postsecret struck a chord with me.  This is the lesson I have been trying to learn and integrate into my life; it’s basically just another way to say “Enjoy the journey!”

I like to think that there are very few things I will regret about my roaring twenties.  One of my college bffs and I were talking about life recently and thinking about what we might wish we had done differently in twenty or thirty or fifty years.  I decided that I would wish I had taken better care of my body (working on it now), traveled more, and spent much more time with my friends and less time stressing out, watching tv, or playing computer games.

What do you think will count in twenty years, and what won’t?  Do you have any serious regrets to date?

3 thoughts on “Enjoying the Journey

  1. I don’t have any serious regrets but you sure are on the right track, Sally! Enjoy the ride!

    The regrets I do have are all about taking it too seriously. Major areas of offense: parenting and my weight. 95% of the things I worried about as a new parent made no difference at all! The big things, like safety and unconditional love, are worth the worry and effort. The rest is gravy. And we know you can buy gravy at the store.

    • I am glad I will get to benefit from you learning those lessons…. and also glad I got to be the one you tested them out on. 🙂

      And honestly, I would worry more about the rice in the soup than the gravy….

  2. The only thing I regret is that I did not find this post sooner (ok, not exactly true, but it sounded good). I have added it to my favs and have read all the October posts….I can not wait to catch up on the rest of your posts. Great job on this, Sally!!!

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