Exercise Fail

You know that phrase, “You never know until you try?”  I could have used a reminder of that over the last week and a half.

Since I hurt my ankle in the race two weekends ago, I have been laying low.  I walked around NYC a bit with my sis, strolled around the square, walked in the park with my bf.  But I didn’t lift a finger to actually exercise because I was trying to give myself time to heal from than injury (and then from tripping and falling really hard in the middle of the road during the bookfest.  It would have been much cooler if I had been reading at the time.)

This morning, I finally returned to the gym, good old Planet Fitness.  And after a good workout, I looked around and said, “Why did I wait so long?” Only then did I remember that my foot was supposed to be hurting me.

If I had just taken the time to try something other than walking – in tevas no less – I think I would have realized my ability a lot sooner and would feel a lot better about my body this week.  Next time, I am going to stay off the couch rather than letting something – even an injury – keep me from moving.

Lesson learned!

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