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Music Monday: Rumor has it/ Someone like you

21 Nov

This has got to be one of the most epic Glee mashups to date.  I just hope these gals are taking time to rest their voices so they don’t end up like their role model.

PS: I learned “Someone like you” on my guitar last night – so fun to belt out!

Music Monday: This week brought to you by the letter G

3 Oct

Love it.  I also like the idea of people at Sesame Street sitting around after having watched “Glee” and thinking of ways to make their show cooler to people who actually can get the nuance.  Bravo, people.  Rock on..

Music Monday: Forget You

10 Jan

If only I could “forget you” – every time I hear this song, it gets stuck in my head for weeks.

I really prefer this version to the original.  I know that it’s supposed to be ironic, with the classic Motown setting and the foul language, but a) this version is not too crude to accidentally sing in public, as I find myself doing, and b) I think it fits the tempo of the  song better.

Gwyneth Paltrow did a pretty solid job with this on Glee, too, in an even more toned-down version.

Music Monday: You and I will be young forever

6 Dec

In case you’re one of the eight people on the planet not watching Glee, (Hi Priti and Sara!) you’re probably familiar with the new harmonious music coming from the latest boys’ choir on the scene, the Dalton Academy Warblers.  But did you know that the sound that powers that amazing groups comes from here in MA, in the form of the Tufts’ Beezlebubs?

No joke – the Bubs sing all the backgrounds for the Warblers, and this weekend I got to see them shout it out in person thanks to my amazing boyfriend who landed us tickets to their winter concert.

I dare you not to dance to this song.  Just try.

Fun fact: Peter Gallagher was in this group when he was at Tufts.  And his eyebrows were too.


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