Five Year Plan

I hope to accomplish all these things before I turn thirty.  Wish me luck!

  1. Run a half marathon – done, May 2013 – read about the kickoff here and the final result here!
  2. Visit South America
  3. See the Grand Canyon
  4. Learn how to cook a chicken – done, Nov 2011
  5. Play my guitar in public – played my ukulele in front of all my coworkers, April 2013, but I’m not done yet!
  6. Spend some time in Washington, DC – done, over the last few years.  What city is next??
  7. Go back to London (massive trip planned for October 2014!)
  8. Find a place to do some steady volunteering
  9. Find a job that I love that helps change the world (right now, I think that will be with a non-profit or government agency that helps women, children, and people with cancer) I’m already doing this, helping amazing non-profits be more successful at fundraising and communicating online – LOVE it.
  10. Continue to volunteer at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp – attended in summer 2010, 2011, 2012 and counting!
  11. Go back to school, for something fun (Spanish?  Cooking?) if not for a specific advanced degree – took an awesome French class in spring 2014
  12. Climb Mount Washington
  13. Reduce possessions to quality things that I need and love
  14. Get my name in the New York Times
  15. Run for public office (school board, state rep, whatever!)
  16. Stop saying “yeah” in public settings when I really mean “yes”
  17. Visit the White House – done, Jan 2012, though I would still love to actually be invited!
  18. Give at least $1,000 to charity over five years, combined
  19. Plan a stellar 10-year high school reuniondone, read all about it here!
  20. Get backstage at a Broadway show or major concert
  21. Get back in touch with professors and other leaders who can be lifelong mentors as I continue down my path, and become a mentor myself
  22. Go on a Segway tour (preferably not in Boston, somewhere where I know fewer people…)
  23. Get recognized by my alma mater, Mount Holyoke College, in some cool way  – done, elected communications chair for the class at my 5 year reunion! But I’ll take more if I can get it!
  24. Get certified in CPR
  25. Sit in the emergency exit row of an airplane – Done and done (x3).  It was actually just as fun as I thought it might be. New goal: fly in the front of a small plane the next time I ride in one.  I came so close last time!
  26. Even better, FLY a plane – I just bought a Groupon to do this over the summer (2013)!
  27. Try out for a game show – applied to be on Wheel of Fortune – no dice!  Also auditioned for a show in July 2013. Price is Right next, perhaps?
  28. Meet Sally Ride (actually a life goal, but major bonus points if I can get there before I turn 30!)  – Alas, the time ran out on this one.  Still proud of my fellow Sally and her accomplishments.  Read more >>
  29. Get certified in something – massage, Zumba, crepe-making?
  30. Get a photo or article published somewhere
  31. Apply for a job I know I won’t get
  32. See a major league baseball game somewhere other than Fenway Park
  33. Deliver the best MoH toast ever at my little sister’s wedding – Done and done!
  34. Learn to poach an egg to the extent that I can serve it to someone other than myself
  35. Hug a redwood tree – achievement unlocked in 2013!
  36. Post on my blog 500 times
  37. Watch the Red Sox play from the Green Monster at Fenway Park

… and more!  I’m adding things as I go, and checking things off as I accomplish them!

After those five years…

  • Host Thanksgiving for my family
  • Watch the top 100 movies on the American Film Institute’s list
  • Help build an awesome treehouse
  • Own my own house
  • Get involved with Girl Scouts or some other group that helps girls be awesome leaders
  • Live somewhere where I can actually follow feng shui and not store everything under my bed (sounds minor, but I think it could be really lovely).  And maybe have a closet with a door.

What’s on your list?

3 thoughts on “Five Year Plan

  1. I finally started reading your blog, so cross that off my list! :)

    I’m enlisting to help you with steady volunteering, climbing Mt. Washington, and *maybe* playing guitar in public.

    Let me know when we should get started!

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